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internal voice work

I'd like to schedule individual work
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What do you do when

story gets locked away

and you can't get to it,

when it gets in the way

of what you want to say and be?

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your relationship with YOUR ANCESTORY ™

- the loves and losses,

 traumas and joys

that have helped shape

our internal voices

(even when

the details are obscured

by time or cataclysmic events).

I'd like to start with an introductory workshop

Please note:

Voice Unbound work  is NOT a substitute for professional legal, medical, or psychological advice. Please consult a licensed professional in these matters.

Sessions are conducted with the informed consent of the client, and there are no refunds.

 All sessions are conducted with the client’s concerns in mind, and there is no guarantee that particular results will manifest.


"The ancestral work, embracing and addressing patterns that otherwise have no context, creates significant shifts in patterns of behavior and opens doorways of lasting change.


The energy with my parents is so different, so peaceful, not at all as volatile as

I once knew it to be.


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“Since we cleared

some ancient fearful patterns,

I have been able

to sing freely consistently

for the first time in my life.

I am stepping into

the truth of who I am and

what I want to do.

A week ago,

I had the best audition experience

of my life.

A deep, unconscious grip on my psyche has released.


Thank you Monica.”


Accent Coach &

 Operatic Soprano

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