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Resources for Vocalists

Please Note: None of what is included below should be taken as medical advice. This page is offered as a launching point for your own research and consultation with your medical professionals as appropriate.

Hypermobile or Not

get to know how your body works

You have the final say about how you manage your instrument. It's helpful to be informed.

Get to know your body so well, that you can confidently say "yes" and "no", "that's good for me and that is not".

There is only a small community that knows anything about hyper-mobility. Take personal responsibility and do you research to find out things like:

Not all flexible people are hyper mobile, i.e. world-class gymnasts and ballet dancers.

Many people who have lax tendons have very inflexible bodies.

There are many variations of joint hyper mobility and many more people have hyper flexibility - hyper laxity in some part of their body than is commonly known.

Some hyper mobile people have medical conditions like Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Consider having appropriate medical supervision for anything that you do.

and so much more...

knowledge can transform your life, and how you feel about your experiences so far.

Help your

voice teachers help you

Voice Teachers:

If you are just getting started with vocal work,

or are getting back into it:

Consider finding a teacher who knows how to help you support your vocal mechanism

in a way that is informed by hyper mobility.

If you already have a teacher:

Your teachers have spent time, energy and a lot of love to become the experts they are.

They want you to succeed and they rejoice when you soar.

You and your teacher are a team and you work well together.

You are invested in your progress and have

learned something about your particular instrument that has been hampering your work together.

 You'd like to try something

that will take your work with them to new heights.

Note: What hyper mobile people HAVE to do to support sound is extremely efficient for everyone else.

(A  teacher with a Voice Unbound™ certification can be a good start)


Ask your voice and acting/public speaking coaches to

leave your technique to your specialist teachers.

Let them know how much you appreciate it

when they honor the patience you must have

to integrate your technique into what they are teaching you about repertoire and style.

one time teachers:

Video Coming

Re: teachers
Voice Unbound Certified Teachers
Helpful Professionals

Helpful Professionals

Voice Unbound Certified Teachers

Monica Schober, Los Angeles, Ca (internet coaching available)

Elizabeth Wells, Desert Song , Ca (internet coaching available)

Medical Professionals who have expertise in topics surrounding hyper mobility
Do your research and be actively engaged in managing your care. Consider asking for referrals to related professionals like Orthopedists, Physical therapists, Psychologists (and more) with the right training.
This can be challenging and there may be some help in the finding process here:
Find Body Workers who are versed in the special needs of people with lax tendons.
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Useful Reading

useful Reading & Listening 

There are many variations of joint hyper mobility  (tendon laxity)

and not all have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

The EDS website, nevertheless,

has been a good resource for me on topics of general hyper mobility identification and management.,

Here is a doorway into the subject of hyper mobility and joint laxity at the US National Library of Medicine

Kathryn Lister , Associate Clinic Director with Physiotherapy Associates, talks about and gives general strengthening exercises for people with EDS. These are generally helpful.

Internal Voice Management

Internal Voice Management

You may find that while working with your physical voice,

your internal voice - what drives your focus -

is as deeply influential on your sound as your vocal technique.


  If you want to address your resonance from a different perspective,

take a look at what's possible at

Resonance and Light

"Monica is a gifted vocal coach plus a whole lot more!

I went to her to improve my voice as an actor and singer. Through her intensive vocal, body and soul work, she improved not only my voice, but my physicality and even more importantly, my relationship to myself.

Her Work has forever changed how I speak and sing, and for that I am eternally grateful to her."


S. Nix / Actor

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