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Can you find the secret vocal support technique?

The analogies and metaphors that many voice teachers employ can work brilliantly for some students and can be frustrating for others, especially for those with Lax Ligaments (also known as Joint Hypermobility) and for maturing vocalists whose ligaments don't work like they once did.

What would happen if you knew what support structures it takes to make free and supported sound? What could happen if you knew how to use those structures and in what sequence to use them?

Even if you aren't an opera singer, if you're a care giver, a public speaker, a sales person, if you use your voice to make your point: look for these master teachers' and singers' hints at voice technique that is rarely clearly articulated:

in performance: Placido Domingo and Luciana Serra - (check out the clips where it’s not hidden by costume or camera angle)

and in teaching: Montserrat Caballe, Birgit Nilson, Renata Tebaldi, Elizabeth Schwarzkopf.

Here's to your Voice Unbound,


Fully embody your voice and release yourself into your unique resonance. © Monica Schober, Voice Unbound℠ 2016 All rights reserved. Please link back to this blog post and credit to to avoid copyright infringement. I own no rights in the attached tube video and encourage you to explore these artists' work further and purchase their recordings if they speaks to you. Thank you.


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