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It's not your fault section.

This is overlooked information in the vocal pedagogy world.


add video about my experience. and add audio - Wesendonck  

Have you been told you:

 just don't have what it takesaren't working hard enoughhave self-sabotage issues

 even though the opposite is true - you've worked really hard. 

Encouragement. I can help you.  You're not alone.

include Video. Your students aren't stuck.


For pictures - use poster edges, then film grain, then erase background and save as png.

Fix close button on Beighton score lightbox


Clean up SEO

Make sure V.U. email is set to all contact me info - footer and light box.

Clean up mobile page

Purchase advanced


Send out notifications

Get each of the pictures together into one and give it a good SEO label.

get release from EW student

Write blog post about traditional massage and the hyper mobile vocalist? Need for working the insertion points rather than the belly of the muscle - traditional massage works the belly of the muscle to get it to relax. The belly of the muscle cannot relax until the end points of the muscle start doing their work. Also talk about Active stretching vs passive stretching.

Mobile page of Why don't I know about this - Light box its not keeping its formatting.


create video blog post re: politely setting boundaries with one time teachers - for resources page - to refer to blog.

Blog - Get to know your body so well, that you can confidently say no.

Blog feeds by topic pulled together better

Blog - get the sign up together and link up to resources page

Create an on-going curriculum - (on-line? In person?) 

Complete introductory session (enticement to take the complete certification teacher training) curriculum before completing "What we'll address " on the right here.

Add a page for Instrumentalists

Fix the header designations to be consistent for SEO

Fix the side anchor titles to be legible

Make list of certified teachers to be section in process - it's only for the idea of it at this time.

Set up for blog posts

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